Ordering Information

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Center Greenhouse offers grow-to-order for all items in our PowerStarts liner & plug program. For last minute needs, we also offer an impressive selection of speculative material starting in August.

Our program is marketed nationally through a list of participating brokers. Please visit the link on the left, 'Participating Brokers' for a complete list. We offer you 2 options for placing your orders;

  • Contact your favorite broker - click here for a complete list of brokers
  • Use our new Epicas online order system. Contact us for your personal log-in information and ordering instructions.

FedEx Services: 

Default Shipping Method will be FedEx Express Saver unless otherwise specified.  Other methods available inclue Priority Overnight, Standard Overnight, 2 Day, FedEx Freight.  All FedEx shipments will be pre-paid and added to the invoice.  Please note that if the shipping address is incorrect, the broker will be billed the FedEx address correction fee.

International Orders:

All international orders will be billed third party to the brokers account number.  The broker must provide Commercial Customs Invoices for shipments.


All air-freight shipments will ship out of Denver International Airport, (DIA). All shipments will be billed to the broker's third-party account number.  Minimum order for air freight is 5 cases.

Grower Truck/Common Carrier:

Grower truck is available with minimum quantities, for growers within a 100 mile radius of Center Greenhouse. Contact office for more information or for freight charges that may apply.Large volume accounts that can purchase 72 trays or more per shipment may have the option of climate-controlled common carrier delivery depending on carrier availability. This method of shipping is subject to change depending on carrier-availability and pooled order-volumes. All charges will be pre-paid and added to the invoice.

Customer Pick-Up:

Available for all orders, free of charge Monday-Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.


2 Count Box Dimensions: 23"x12"x10" approximately 15lbs/box - $7.90 per Box

Small Box Dimensions: 22"x12"x14" approximately 25lbs/box  - $7.90 per Box

Large Box Dimensions: 23"x13"x18" apporoximately 25lbs/box - $7.90 per Box

Winter Pac Box Dimensions: 24"x14"x19" approximately 26lbs/box - $9.55 per Box

4" Disposable Insert: 22"x12"x4" - $.85 per tray, (48-108 trays per pallet)

Plant Netting for small and large boxes at no additional charge. Boxes can be packed with a mix of any size/variety. All sizes are packed four trays per box for small-package and air-freight shipments. There are between 48 and 108 trays per pallet for our disposable system that ships via common-carrier, grower truck or FedEx Freight.

Phytosanitary Certificate Fees:

A minimum $5.00 phytosanitary fee will be added to all Canadian shipments. Additional fees may apply depending on varieties being shipped.

Minimum Orders:

Our minimum order is one box (2 trays) per shipment.  This can be a mix of any sizes or varieties.   All orders are in full trays only with one variety per tray.

Limitations of Warranty:

Center Greenhouse warrants to purchaser that our products shall conform to the description and that plant material will be viable, or have viable roots when received. Purchasers shall be limited to the amount of the purchase price of any Center product on which claim is made whether from negligence or any other cause. Under no circumstances shall Center Greenhouse be liable to purchaser or any other person for consequential or incidental damages.


Preliminary credit requests must be sent within 5 days of order receipt or credit will be denied.  Final plant counts / finalized credits must be received within 30 days of order receipt or a credit will not be issued.  Photographs are required to process claims and need to be taken in the original packaging.  Pictures of the product already transplanted may not be accepted.  Transportation claims must be made within 24 hours.