Product Sizing Guide


4 deep, jumbo plants in a pack, 8 packs per flat.

Our seed annuals are the most popular, best performing plants on the market today.  

Bigger Roots =   Bigger Plants =   Better Performance.  

Bigger is Better!

Black packs – standard seed varieties.

White packs – premium priced $$ seed varieties.

804 jumbo 4 pack of Annuals by Power Flowers

4.5” Specialty Annuals 

Round White Power Flower pots – F10 – 10 pots per flat.

Strong performing, stunning colored vegetative annuals grown

for instant color and fullness.

4.5 inch specialty wholesale annuals


4.5” Deep, large square – 10 pots per flat

  • Geraniums – Growing only great genetics,  generates superior quality with larger blooms and better performance in containers and the garden.
  • Perennials  & Grasses Chosen by popular demand, grown outside and hardened off to ensure your customer’s success & enjoyment for many years.

4.5 inch square pots by Power Flowers

2.5” Deep Black Square Pots – 32 plants per flat.

  • Foliage, Trailers and Fillers accent foliage plants to be planted in containers and  hanging baskets. 
  • Perennial Groundcovers Colorado’s strongest and most durable groundcovers. 

2.5 inch Perennials by Power Flowers 

#1-6” Round Power Flower Pots – sold individually

  • Premium Annuals – Unique, unusual and popular specimen plants proven to perform all season and create big impact in containers and the garden.
  • Perennials and Grasses – Our extensive selection provides customers the top performers for Colorado’s demanding climate.  Our availability will guide you to the best in the field on a weekly basis, look for the star icons  to fill your order with color and quality plant material each week.

 6 inch Perennial pots by Power Flowers

#2 – 9.5” Black round pot

      Exclusive selection of large perennials & Grasses.

9.5 inch Perennials and grasses by Power Flowers

12” Round Hanging Baskets (plastic)-

 Center Greenhouse has built a reputation of producing an extensive line of high quality, beautifully designed baskets, grown to perform all season.

  • Standard = One plant variety
  • Premium $$ = designer mixes of the latest in design and color combinations.

Hanging Baskets by Power Flowers

16” – 20” Round Moss baskets –

 Our spectacular moss baskets are the latest in designer colors, varieties and styles.

Moss Hanging Basket

Amazing 8 Container

8" Round Black Plastic Pot - sold individually

Planted with a collection of the best annual performers.  Designed to stand alone or add AMAZING instant impact to any patio decor.

Amazing 8 containers

10" Bee Friendly Containers

These Summer Perennial Combinations are meant for attracting our pollinator friends during their peak active season.

Bee Friendly Perennial Combo


10 - 14" Mixed Mum Containers

Our Fall Mum Assortment includes these larger, mixed color combinations in platic Terra Cotta pots that will look marvelous on any porch or patio.

Mum combinations

Stepables 806 packs – 8 packs per flat

Stepables are robust plants grown for consumers who want low-maintenance, durable groundcovers that you can walk on.  The marketing and POP displays set Stepables apart in the world of groundcovers. Informative, educational tags and brochures, signage and bench tape help to make an eye catching display.

Stepables for sale at Center Greenhouse