PowerStarts TM  

72 Tray 

Ideal for 6 inch pots

Larger liner size to finish your crop quicker.  This enables product to be moved outside earlier, with the ability to re-crop greenhouse space.  Plant in early Spring for Summer/Fall sales.

Vernalized 72's available January to March for a nominal charge.

Digitalis Camelot Mix 72 tray size

Leucanthemum Becky 72 elle tray

128 Tray (Sold as 125)

Both Seed and Vegetative varieites

Perfect for smaller to mid size containers.  This size is ideal for combination freight savings and quicker turns in the greenhouse.

Ajuga Bronze Beauty 125 tray plant size

Dianthus Eastern Star 125 tray plant size

216 Tray (Sold as 210)

Vegetative Program

Now over 85 vegetative varieties.  Perfect for smaller containers such as a 2.5", 4.5" or quart size.

Upsize into larger trays for overwintering and then transplant when space becomes available.

This is the most economical size to purchase vegetative varieties.

Lamium Red Nancy tray plant size