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Center Greenhouse, Inc. has spent years creating a collection of  the best plants for our customers. Each selection that makes it into our live plant liner program has been thoroughly trialed from propagation through our finished program. This is why we are confident that our product offering will help you grow your business as it has ours.



Diascia Coral Canyon Denver Colorado

Center Greenhouse has long been associated with the national perennial market. We have assembled a selection of the most widely used and profitable perennials in the market today. Among our most successful programs is Plant Select™

Plant Select® is a leading non-profit cultivator, distributor and educator of plants designed to thrive in the high plains and intermountain region. Driven by the belief that the right plants in the right place matter and that tougher growing environments require smarter approaches, Plant Select® leverages a uniquely collaborative model and highly-selective cultivation process to find, test and distribute plants that thrive on less water and provide gardeners with smart, stunning and successful gardens using fewer resources and with less environmental impact.